European Media Platform

INGO European Media Platform (EMP) is registered by Ukrainian Ministry of Justice on April 10 2010 (see Documents)

EMP is co-founded by:

  • Hanne Severinsen,
  • Olga Bolshakova,
  • Igor Kohut,
  • Volodymyr Mostoviii,
  • Oksana Prykhodko

EMP is active in: Ukraine, Denmark, Armenia, France, Finland, Moldova, Sweden and other European countries.

In accordance with EMP Statute (see Documents) Statutory bodies of the Association are:

  • the General Assembly of the Organization;
  • The Trusteeship Council (Hanne Severinsen, Olga Bolshakova, Igor Kohut, Volodynyr Mostovii, Oksana prykhodko);
  • the Board of Organization (Oksana Prykhodko, Kateryna Myasnykova, Oleksandr Vinnikov);
  • the Auditing Commission (Olga Bolshakova, Volodymyr Mostovii, Igor Kohut).

EMP President is Hanne Severinsen

Chair of the EMP Board and executive Director is Oksana Prykhodko

Main activities:
  • participation in at-Large councils at Ukrainian governmental structures and international organizations;
  • organization of remote hubs of ICANN conferences, global and regional IGFs, organization of workshops for them;
  • Forum “Media for information society”;
  • round tables on multistakeholderism and Internet Governance issues;
  • Safer Internet day in Ukraine;
  • Internet Governance main documents translation into Russian and Ukrainian;
  • discussion and mediation (Club of Experts on Internet Governance)


Promotion of the European values and standards in media sphere (first of all in the East European countries, including Belarus)


  • informational support in national languages of activity of all structures of the Council of Europe and the European Union, other international organisations, regarding media, information and communication;

  • analytical processing of all available documents of European structures, comparison of real situation in different countries with recommended standards;

  • practical assistance to journalists, media experts, lawyers, NGO activists in dealing with general and specific questions of eurointegration, cooperation of different countries with the CoE, EU, other structures;

  • efforts on consolidation of all national structures, responsible for media questions, and accumulating of corresponding stimulus from different European and international structures;

  • thought-provoking activities, moderation between journalists, media experts, NGO, officials.

Some concrete propositions

  • creation of the multilingual electronic database of all European documents in media sphere, including European legislation, EU directives, PACE, CM, CLRA, NGO conference, CDMC and other CoE documents, expertises, educational programmes, so on;

  • monitoring of the real situation in media legislation, regulation and self-regulation;

  • pressing from NGO on governmental structures regarding fulfilment of the European decisions in media sphere (first of all of activity of CDMC);

  • creation of the discussion platform regarding the most complex media questions for working-out of recommendations for realisation of European media policy on national level;

  • development of the system of media and Internet literacy (especially among youth);

  • working-out of the prevention of the informational wars, dealing with their consequences;

  • creation of the database of the best practices between NGO and media, standard-settings in this field.

Among the nearest priorities in Ukraine

  • discussion of the realisation of the European project on the Internet-literacy;

  • monitoring of the preparation to digital switch-over;

  • initialization of miniEuroDIG or East EuroDIG for the countries of the East Europe.

The question of special interest and special importance

  • creation of the International centre for journalists in Ukraine.