Youth IGF-UA Pro (Kyiv, 5 October 2017)

INGO European Media Platform (in partnership with America House Kyiv, Internet Governance Forum Support Association, Government Office for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Institute of education content modernization) organized Youth IGF-UA Pro (5 October 2017, America House Kyiv) as a pre-event of VIII IGF-UA (6 October 2017, Nivki-hall).

Experts and youth (46 on-site and 7 remote participants) discussed the establishment of a new platform for young people engagement in Internet Governance. During the discussion it was mentioned the role of different stakeholders in the process of ensuring cybersecurity, expanding public access to high speed Internet, development of e-commerce, opportunities for young people, Ukrainian legislation on telecommunications to be align with EU law.

Valerie Dubitskaya and other trainees of iNGO European Media Platform (EMP) presented their Russian translation of NRIs Toolkit and basic principles of IGF:

  • Open and Transparent; 
  • Inclusive; 
  • Bottom-Up; 
  • Non-commercial; 
  • Multistakeholder. 

For that to happen at Youth IGF-UA (February 2018) Valerie Dubitskaya (EMP) initiated creation of Youth IGF-UA Multistakeholder Organizing Team. This initiative was supported by Glib Strygunenko (Government Office for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration) and Yegor Aushev (CyberGuard / private sector), as well as other participants of Youth IGF-UA Pro. 

Messages about this initiative were delivered to VIII IGF-UA (October 6,, IGF Secretariat, EuroDIG, SEEDIG.

With this messages Youth IGF-UA Multistakeholder Organizing Team addresses IGF Secretariat, VIII IGF-UA, EuroDIG and SEEDIG community to be recognized as Youth IGF-UA in formation.

Focal point of Youth IGF-UA in formation is Valerie Dubitskaya, iNGO European Media Platform (

1. Co-organizers of Youth IGF-UA Pro

Remote participation was provided by IGF Secretariat

2. Participants

46 on-site and 7 remote participants represent different age groups, but 69,6% represent the age groups 15-25 and 25-35 years old:
Chart1  Age Range

Regarding stakeholder representation it is necessary to mention that participants of Youth IGF-UA Pro lack understanding of the concept of multistakeholderism. For example, students of private colleges identify themselves as private sector, and students of governmental institutions – as government. Nevertheless we receive next presentation of different stakeholders:
Chart3  Stakeholder

Gender balance was nearly achieved:
Chart2  Gender

3. Speakers

  • Maryana Hulevich, America House (video)
  • Markus Kumer, IGF SA (video greetings)
  • Glib Strygunenko, Government Office for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration (video)
  • Viktoria Kosyk, Institute of education content modernization (video)
  • Oksana Prykhodko, EMP (video)
  • Valerie Dubitska, Anastasiya Andriychuk and Illya Pravosud, EMP (video)
  • Olivier Crepin-Leblond, EURALO Chair (remotely; video)
  • Iryna Kushnir, Ombudsman representative (video)
  • Vitaliy Moroz, Internews Ukraine (video)
  • Andrii Pertsiukh, IT lab (video)
  • Giorgi Jokhadze, Council of Europe Project Manager Cybercrime Programme Office (video)
  • Eugene Bryksin and Eugen Protsenko, CERT-UA (video)
  • Yegor Aushev, CyberGuard (video)
  • Olena Krivulliak, La Strada (video)
  • Alexandra Kulikova, ICANN (video)
  • Olga Luchko, Internews (video)
  • Max Blagonravin, (video)
  • Lianna Galstyan, ISOC Armenia (video)
  • Alex Semenyaka, RIPE NCC (video)
  • Olena Chernykh, Safer Internet Day Ukraine (video)

See also: Letter from Marilyn Cade.

4. Financial issues

America House Kyiv provided venue and technical equipment for Youth IGF-UA Pro free of charge.
IGF Secretariat provided Youth IGF-UA Pro with tools for remote participation also free of charge.
IGF SA provided EMP money for both Youth IGF-UA Pro and VIII IGF-UA ($2 000). These money were spent for both events on interpretation, translation, catering (only for Youth IGF-UA Pro), printing.
During these two events 200 copies of IGF SA flyer were shared among participants, IGF SA logo was published on VIII IGF-UA program, logos of EMP, IGF SA, America House Kyiv and Institute of education content modernization.

5. Youth IGF-UA Pro on other sources