Internet Identifiers in time of war: Map and background

The study focused on autonomous systems numbers (ASNs) where the UA country code has been replaced by RU since the onset of the full-scale invasion.

A total of 54 ASNs underwent such a change. This figure was derived by cross-referencing files from the RIPE NCC website with statistics on country affiliation of autonomous systems ( as of February 23, 2022, and November 1, 2023.

The investigation revealed that 37 ASNs country code altered during the NWI-10 phase 2 implementation (

Among these, 33 ASNs country code was altered in accordance with NWI-10, with one of these alterations shifting from RU to UA. Four autonomous systems were inaccessible during the NWI-10 phase 2 implementation, implying that these four systems were redelegated to new LIRs after their return. Further scrutiny focused on 18 autonomous systems, with 17 remaining unchanged during the NWI-10 phase 2 implementation, and one autonomous system altering its “citizenship” from RU to UA during this phase.

For these 18 autonomous systems, we acquired addresses currently listed in the whois service. These addresses we utilized to obtain geographic coordinates linked to LIRs owning these resources. Based on these coordinates, markers were placed on the DeepState resource map as of November 1, 2023.