General Assemblies


April 28 - Presentation of European and Southeast of the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (in partnership with the State Agency of Ukraine is­government, the  Strategic Advisory Group, the Fund "Renaissance")

March 2 - Participation in the Coordination Council of representatives of civil society in preparation

February 12 - Organization terminal for remote participation in the ICANN conference

February 10 - a round table on Safer Internet Day

January 28 - Round table "Reform of ICANN and Internet governance ecosystem evolution: what does it mean for Ukraine?"


December 4 - Partner Conference Uadom (to mark the 22 th anniversary of domain .ua), the presentation of the report "Global Internet governance ecosystem and Ukraine's place in  it"

November 16 - organization of remote terminal Ukraine's participation in ICANN 51 conference

October 4 - brainstorming in Radozamku "Digital Agenda for Europe: East European​platform."With the support of the Committee on Information and Information  Technology and the joint project and the Council of Europe and the European Union  "Strengthening the Information Society in Ukraine" held a day trip to Radomishl, which was  attended by 17 experts from European taukrayinskyh Internet governance. The purpose of the  event ­ to discuss dosyahenennya Ukraine in its integration into European and global  information society and the challenges facing schr ered her in this direction

October 3 - Participation in the Fifth Ukrainian Internet Governance Forum (as a member of the Program Committee). The event was a continuation a series of forums held around the world to discuss the most  important issues of the information society, consolidation of efforts of government, business,  online community, professional and academic elites to accelerate the enforcement of the  achievements of information technology, to create conditions for the full development of  Internet space in the public interest.

October 2 - The third International Forum 'Media for Information Society "(incooperation with the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Information and Information  Technology, National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio, Derzhspetsv'yazku and  supported a joint project of the Council of Europe and the European Union" Strengthening the  Information Society in Ukraine "and the Independent Association Movnykiv17  Particular attention was paid to human rights in the information society and the responsibility  of states, business users. Forum brought together representatives of government, foreign  embassies, educational institutions, IT companies, NGOs and international organizations ,  media and industry experts. The event was held in the format of panel discussions on  transparency of decision­making in the information society, challenges and threats to  information security, prospects of Ukraine's accession to the Digital Agenda for Europe  (Digital Agenda for Europe), Ukraine's competitiveness mediasvidomosti more.

September 2­5 - part in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF 2014) in Istanbul (joint project with the support of the Council of Europe and the European Union "Strengthening the  Information Society in Ukraine"), the organization of remote terminal part in IGF 2014 in  Kyiv (supported by the Committee Parliamentary Committee for Information and Information  Technology)

June 26 - Participation in the 50th ICANN conference in London, the organization of remote terminal participating in ICANN 50 in Kiev London (supported by ISOC, the  Committee on Information and Information Technology and State Agency on Science,  Innovations and Informatization (SASII)

June 12-­13 - participation EYP members of the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG 2014) in Berlin, remote terminal organization participate in  EuroDIG 2014 in Kiev (supported by ICANN, the Friedrich NaumannFoundation), the  Committee on Information and Lab on Internet Governance IIR KNU and the assistance of IT  tent and the company "Inkom" with s foundation "Educational Initiative"). The issues raised  in Berlin and discussed in Kiev, concerning the future of Internet governance trends,  opportunities and challenges of the information society in Europe and world.

May 17 - round table in the Committee on Information and Information Technology (supported by the State Service for Special Communications and Information zazhystu)  on the Day of Information Society

April 22-­23 - participation in the Global Meeting on future of Internet governance (NETmundial) whichtook place in the city. São Paulo (Brazil). Director of EYP Oksana  Prikhodko INGOs participated in the meeting as an observer at the invitation of the secretariat  NETmundial.

April 16 - Round table "discussion areas of international cooperation IT Ukraine Association." International NGO "European Media Platform" (EYP) with the support of the  State Agency on Science, Innovations and Informatization (SASII) invited experts and  community representatives to participate in the round table "discussion areas of international  cooperation IT Ukraine Association". This event is dedicated to the Global meeting with the  future of Internet governance (NETmundial), which took place in the city. São Paulo (Brazil)

April 23-­24 - Director of EYP INGOs participated in the meeting as an observer at the invitation of the secretariat NETmundial.

February 11 - Round Table Day Secure. ​Safer Internet Day ­ an initiative of European organizations InSafe. This year he celebrated vodynadtsyate and held under the slogan  "Internet improves joint efforts." Round Table in the relevant committee of parliament on the  Day of safer Internet, brought together representatives of relevant government bodies, NGOs  and international organizations, educational institutions, IT companies, recognized experts,  media representatives and activists of social networks. Topics for discussion: Safer Internet  threats and how to address them.

Information about the INGOs' European Media Platform "by 2013

December ­ ​will deliver a lecture at the Open Square universiteti

October 4 - second International Forum 'Media for Information Society "(inpartnership with the Parliamentary Committee on Information and Information Technology, Internet  Development Fund, Kyivstar, Association IT Ukraine, the Independent Association of  Broadcasters

October 3 - Fourth Ukrainian Forum on Internet​Governance,presented the Memorandum on the establishment multysteykholdernoyi platform on Internet Governance

June 20-­21 - participation in the Sixth European Dialogue on Internet Governance​(EuroDIG),of Flash session with a presentation of the project InfoZiper Network  May 30 ­ participated in the international seminar PIR­Center "Internet Governance  after VKMYE ­ 2012 in Dubai, identify key global trends and assessment of Russian  national interests" ​justification Ukrainian national interests, to discuss joint  Russian­language Internet community on

April 25 - in the Russian part of the Internet Governance Forum

April 23 - Presentation of the project InfoZiper Network in "Hostmaster" with online broadcast on interested audience and teleconference with ISOC Armenia

April 7-­11 - participated in the 46th ICANN conference in Beijing

February 10 - round table in Hostmaster on the Day of Safe Internet