International Forum Media for information society

International Forum “Media for information society” was initiated by iNGO “European Media Platform” in 2012 in Kiev, Ukraine and brought together nearly hundred participants from US, France, UK, Poland, Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. Since that it became annual event with broader geography.

The purpose of the event is to draw attention of journalists, social media activists, translators to the world-wide discussion on benefits and challenges of information society, balance of freedom of speech and informational security, WSIS process, post-WCIT political geography, Internet Governance policy, concept of multistakeholderism and other issues of informational age. It is not by accident that it was initiated in Ukraine, which became in fact the place of battle between old and new world order and revealed main gaps in existing political ecosystem.

Among 100-150 participants of Media Forum there are top Ukrainian officials in IT sphere, representatives of international organizations and foreign embassies, IT businessmen, students, as well as journalists, social media activists and translators. Our initiative was already supported by Ukrainian Parliament's Committee on informatization and information technologies, Ukrainian National Council on Broadcasting, Council of Europe and European Union joint project “Strengthening information society in Ukraine”, ICANN, USAID, Internews, ISOC and others.

Key speakers of Forum “Media for information society” are Hanne Severinsen, President of the European Media Platform, Sophie Kwasny, Mary George, Loreta Vioiu from the Council of Europe, Sebastien Bacholet, Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Michael Yakushev from ICANN, Frederic Donck and Grigory Saghyan from ISOC, Michael Rotert, EuroISPA Vice-President and many others.

By tradition during Media Forum we organize round table for editors-in-chief of Ukrainian media.

Working languages are English and Russian - to stimulate the discussion of all these topics not only in Ukraine, but in Russian-speaking post-Soviet space.